How to Support

You can support the school in one of three ways:

1. Sponsor a teacher. Paying teachers has been a difficult expense to keep up with month after month since December 2006. Depending on the amount of shifts a teacher works as well as his or her time working at the school, he or she is paid between $100 and $300 US each month. This pay does not allow teachers to have a very luxurious lifestyle, obviously, and we would love to increase it, but fundraising being as difficult as it is, this has not been possible. E-mail to inquire about sponsoring a teacher in whole or in part. This is a monthly committment. Teacher sponsors are invited to remain in communication with the teacher they support.

2. Sponsor a student. This is an annual committment of $100. Sponsors receive a profile of their student complete with a family picture in front of the student's house. Read more about how it works and how to get started here or e-mail

3. Volunteer. Most volunteers who spend time serving in Puerto Plata spend at least part of their time leading activities in the school. Our summer volunteers spend a significant amount of time doing so. Read more about our volunteer opportunities here or e-mail

Of course one could always make a one time general donation to the school as well. See how to give here.

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