sábado, 26 de octubre de 2013

Stats for the New School Year

The school year successfully started on September 9th! Pre-school through 3rd grade have class in the mornings and 4th, 5th and 6th grades have class in the afternoons. Several volunteers, teachers, and a director, worked on registering students for this year. Below are some stats taken from those registrations. 27 of our students are sponsored so far, which leaves around 73 left we need to get sponsored! We have a new fundraising software to facilitate support for the school. Click here to view the new page which displays our goals, progress, and deadlines.

Lastly, the pictures in this post were taken toward the beginning of the year by the landlord of the building we rent. He asked if he could take pictures to show to his family in Austria, as he is proud to be renting his building for the use of a school! You can see that most students were not in uniform at this time. Many students unfortunately wait to get their uniforms to come to school, although we encourage them to come in colors. This can be frustrating to observe for those of us who went to high quality schools without uniforms, but here it is completely the norm, and we just have to go with it. But this is another reason why it is important that we get our students sponsored!

One last thing to clarify before you read the stats is that where you see K for Kindergarten, it actually encompasses 3 years of schooling, following the Haitian school system, so this somewhat coincides to two years of pre-school and one year of kindergarten, with students entering as young as 2. You will also notice that we have students at low levels but older ages, who have never had the opportunity to go to school before. And we have two adult classes at the basic levels that we started holding at night this year, which are not included in these stats.


There are 100 total students listed on the spreadsheet. Some of the information is incomplete, so these averages are slightly inaccurate, but should give an overall picture of the school roster.

21 students report being at the school last year, plus 2 who started but didn’t end the year. One student reports having attended the P.E. school in Muñoz last year.

91 students reported their current grade
Average grade of all students: 2.8

K: 25

1st: 11
2nd: 21
3rd: 15
4th: 9
5th: 7
6th: 3


Average age of all students: 9.74 (age range 1.5-24)

Average age by grades:

K: 3.7 (age range 1.5-7)
1st: 11.8 (age range 5-21)
2nd: 11.5 (age range 5-20)
3rd: 10.6 (age range 6-15)
4th: 12.6 (age range 6-18)
5th: 15.8 (age range 11-24)
6th: 15 (age range 13-18)


(89 students reported their age)

1 – 1.5 years old
6 – 2 years old
6 -- 3 years old
7 – 4 years old
3 – 5 years old
7 -- 6 years old
7 – 7 years old
4 – 8 years old
3 – 9 years old
10 – 10 years old
5 -- 11 years old
3 -- 12 years old
5 -- 13 years old

4 – 14 years old
3 -- 15 years old
3 -- 16 years old
2 -- 17 years old
6 -- 18 years old
2 -- 19 years old
1 -- 20 years old
2 -- 22 years old
1 -- 24 years old


49 students reported how long they had been in the D.R.

18 were born in the D.R.

3 – less than one year
7 – one year
3 – two years

3 – three years
3 – five years
5 – six years
5 – seven years
1 – eight years
1 – 9 years


69 families listed the size of their household.

Average household size: 4.3

7 households of 2
18 households of 3
15 households of 4
11 households of 5
9 households of 6
9 households of 7

Thank you for your support!