jueves, 13 de septiembre de 2012

A New School Building for the New School Year!

Front entrance and porch.

We are happy to announce that we have moved into a new school building! The building we were in previously had been undergoing slow construction for almost a year and did not seem to be ending in the near future. The doors and windows were not secure because of this and there were many class interruptions, so we decided to change buildings. We also have had more students register this year than in the past, and therefore needed more space. The new building we are in is in much better condition and also has a small, fenced in backyard for recess. 

Switching buildings caused us to delay the school opening one week. We pushed back the first day of school from Monday, September 3rd to Monday, September 10th. The first few days of school, students have been trickling in, finding the new building and coming unprepared, as is often the case here, unfortunately. On Wednesday, enough students arrived so that class was held. Things will pick up from here. 

6 students have been sponsored so far this year, with about 60 left still needing sponsors.(The number of students still needing sponsors will become more accurate within the first few weeks of school as we see who attends regularly.) Below are some more pictures of the new school building. 

Large classroom

Backyard area



There is one classroom that is not pictured which we have arranged on the car port. I want to remind readers that in addition to student sponsors, we are seeking groups or individuals that would like to support teachers monthly, taking on the responsibility of the teachers' pay, much as a church would support a missionary abroad. We believe that investing in a local teacher is just as, if not more worthy than investments that send missionaries abroad, since you are supporting someone who faces difficulties finding work otherwise and who has an advantage at reaching the community, being from the community him or herself. Contact Sponsor@EsperanzaMeansHope.org to sponsor a teacher or student. 

In the next post, we will tell about a new sewing class that began in the school this summer and continues today, led by a local tailor with the participation of about 20 community members, the majority of whom are women. Thanks for reading!